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No matter how much you try to make every work day a good day, life and other people in it can alter your well-laid plans quickly. When your work days get particularly bad, it’s a good idea to help reset your mind and your mood before heading home. Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

Avoid Workplace Drama

This is one of the most difficult stressors to avoid because it can occur anytime and with anyone of your work colleagues. A friend from work might be having an issue with a manager or a fellow employee and decides to bring you into the issue by venting to you or even asking you to do something about it. This is a completely unnecessary stress that should be avoided. You don’t need to be rude towards your friend or coworker when you step away from the situation, however. You can try to change the subject to something more positive or give them a diplomatic response that will help remove you from the topic of the conversation. If your co-worker still refuses to drop the drama, make an excuse regarding an important deadline and walk away. This should help to end the conversation and prevent them from taking offense.

Separate Your Stresses

You will encounter many different types of stressors throughout your day. Several of these stressors will arise due to situations, annoyances, and frustrations that you encountered during your workday. Once you leave work, you must also train your mind to leave your work-related stress behind as well. Take a few silent minutes in your car, close your eyes, and breathe deeply as you pick through the things of the day that stressed you out. Once you’ve separated the things that caused you to stress, you can begin to devise ways to remedy them for your next work day. Consider rethinking your approach to projects that seem difficult. Rethink any deadlines you’ve set for yourself to allow more time for completion. You may even need to ask for help in reducing your workload in order to regain your mental balance.

Take Care of Yourself

The most important way to recover from a bad work day is to take care of yourself. If you feel tired, rest for an hour or so. Be sure to engage in your favorite hobbies during your leisure time. This will help to reset your mind from a stressful mindset to a mindset that’s calm. And if you’re feeling too stressed and sick, requesting a sick day from work to relax is always an option.