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Glenn Neasham

Financial Professional | California

Glenn Neasham has owned and operated Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency for 30+ years.

An entrepreneurial leader, Mr. Neasham is known for his ability to handle numerous business prospects at one time — however, he is perhaps best known for his work through the agency. Mr. Neasham is passionate about helping people secure their financial futures, and over the course of his career, he has helped hundreds of individuals plan their retirements.

Mr. Neasham is proud to be affiliated with Tarkenton Financial LLC, a national insurance marketing firm led by NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton. From Social Security to annuities to life insurance, Mr. Neasham cherishes the opportunity to demystify financial planning for people from all walks of life. He also has exceptional experience in tax deferred investments as well as in other methods through which people can avoid paying larger sums of tax money.

One of the fundamental aspects of Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency is the focus on personalization. Mr. Neasham makes sure to tailor his advice, reports, and step-by-step plans so that they make sense for each individual client and their specific financial situations. He is proud to help people attain their goals, be it retirement, providing for their families, aiming for consistency financial growth, or a combination of all of these.

While Mr. Neasham is highly experienced in retirement planning, he is also well aware that the concept can seem overwhelming or unattainable in these uncertain times. He is determined not only to provide high quality insurance products to his clients, but to educate and inspire them whenever he can. The insurance agency recently convened a roundtable of economists and retirement experts, who engaged in a spirited discussion of the smartest retirement strategies that are available today. That information is available on the agency website.

Glenn Neasham created this blog as another outlet for him to share his insights and expertise in finance, especially when it comes to retirement planning.

More About Mr. Neasham: In addition to his ample experience in the insurance business, Mr. Neasham previously owned and operated two local newspapers, the Citrus Heights City Times and the Gold River News. He is also a veteran of The United States Navy. He served from 78-81 active duty. He served aboard the USS Emory S. Land AS-39 as well as the USS Enterprise CVN 65. From 82-84 served in the US Navy active and inactive reserves.